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A nonprofit agency offering hope and support to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.
The morning of September 15, 2018 we were told of a young mother who desired to give us the greatest gift anyone could give, LIFE. By 5:15PM that same day, Frederick Theodore" Hayes was placed into our arms, finally fulfilling our dream of becoming parents. Words can't express how this amazing little boy has blessed us, our family and friends, and even our community. In celebration of this gift of LIFE, we have a goal to raise $1,000 per year in support of the Charis Center. These incredible people offered us an enormous amount of support and love as we readied our home and hearts for this precious life, aware that we had arrived at the hospital with only hope and open arms. We are so very thankful for the Charis Pregnancy Center and their dedication to supporting new parents while encouraging young mothers to choose LIFE.
Lindsay & Shay Hayes - Owners of Viridian Coffee