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Off-White Burlap Coffee Sack

$ 5.00

These off-white burlap coffee sacks were originally used to transport raw coffee beans to the Viridian Coffee roastery!

The texture of the off-white burlap is a much thicker, coarser version of the brown burlap making it the perfect material for upholstering furniture, making large decorative pillows, creating your own unique wall hanging, or even adding to your garden to block the weeds from growing! You can also use them for a sack race at your next party. The possibilities are endless! 

Order five at a time to receive bulk discount savings! 

Because these sacks travel from multiple different countries by way of land and sea, they may have dust, dirt, and other markings consistent with their previous use. These burlap sacks are not prewashed. 

Remember, no two burlap coffee sacks are exactly alike and will vary in size, print, label, texture, color (dark brown to off white) and weight.

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