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Viridian Coffee Roaster

Shay & Lindsay HayesLindsay & Shay Hayes

Meet Shay and Lindsay Hayes, owners and founders of Viridian Coffee.

We started our lives together in November 2008 in south Oklahoma City. After long days at work, most of our nights were spent searching the city for different places to hear live music, see a show, or just be together and enjoy a cup of coffee. The city had endless things for us to experience and people for us to enjoy.

A few years later, we decided to move to Duncan, Oklahoma and quickly found that what we missed about the city the most was the freshly roasted coffee and the community  that completely revolved around a table (or chair) and a cup of coffee. Because we loved Duncan and didn’t have immediate plans to leave, our dream of roasting coffee began.  

Over the next two years we studied, planned, and built what is now Viridian Coffee. Our mission is to provide culture and community around a great cup of coffee and hope you will join us as we continue in this adventure!

All our coffees are 100% Arabica beans and are air-roasted to perfection. Be sure to try each variety with your friends and family!