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Cowboy Blend

Cowboy Blend

$ 16.00

This coffee is uniquely blended to meet the demands of a darker, well-rounded cup. We have blended our Organic Sumatra, Organic Colombia, Organic Guatemala, and Kenya coffees, and roasted them to a higher degree of heat to create our darkest blend that has the perfect combination of both smooth and bold in your cup.

The Cowboy Blend was developed in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail in Duncan, Oklahoma where you could feel the campfire nights with hints of herbs and a spicy finish. After a long trail ride and just before another, be sure to fill up your cup!

Tasting Notes:

A well-rounded dark roast with notes of rich dark chocolate and subtle spicy herbs.

Bean Profile:

  • Roast: Vienna
  • Origin: Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya
  • Variety: Arabica


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