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We are open!


I am so very excited to say, We Are OPEN! Yeah! 

Starting a new small business has taken much more work then Lindsay or I would have ever imagined. I was listening to an EntreLeadership Podcast (I don't remember who was speaking at this moment) and the speaker said something to the effect that it is God's way of allowing us to start businesses. If we all knew exactly how much work it took, most of us would never even start. We dive in deep and when it seems like it is too much to keep going, the Lord comes to show us the way through.

As it goes, it all started with a dream. Two plus years ago Lindsay and I had a dream of bringing great coffee to Duncan, OK. As of January 2016, we are selling fresh locally roasted coffee and loving it!

There are so many people to thank for helping us get to this point. I am sure I will miss somebody but will try my best to remember them now. 

  • The Lord has blessed us with so many great friends and family members and surrounded us with His blessing. When we first attempted to launch in Oct of 2014 everyone jumped in and helped pull us out of a bad situation.
  • Our dear friends and leaders at KellPro Inc. Tim Keller, James Sorensen, and other team members have provided great jobs, work environment, benefits, and personal support that have enabled us to pursue our dreams in ways we could have never imagined. 
  • Toby and Lou Baggett who have spent countless hours supporting and counseling us over late night meals and long weekends. Thank you for opening up your lives and home to us. 
  • Randy and Kara Robinson who provided personal support, direction, and expertise.
  • Janice and Steve Skinner with Special Days Cake Boutique who have provided us a space to start our business. Janice and the ladies have been so very patient and giving through this whole process. We are very grateful for their support. 
  • Jackie Jacobi with Red River Technology Center. She has provided us with so much wisdom, guidance, and accountability as we were planning and starting this business.
  • The great folks at Coffee Crafters who make great affordable roasting products. Without them we would not be able to afford to start this business. 
  • The staff at Zephyr Coffee who took the time to show us how to source beans and build a great product portfolio. 
  • To Ruth & Alan who personally dedicated many hours to testing, tasting, and critiquing coffee samples and roast profiles.
  • To all of our friends and family that sat patiently listening to us dream for hours and hours as we all drank bad coffee until we got it right. 

Please forgive me if I have missed someone here. I will continue to update the post as it all comes to us. It has been a long weekend launching this site!

We know it is just a start to a very long journey. Learning, loving, and building each and every day. We thank you all for your support and prayers. We are looking forward to all that is ahead.

Lindsay & Shay Hayes

  • angela barker on

    Wow, I am so glad you guys are doing so well. I remember the first time I met you guys, believe it was 2015 at the Marlow fireworks. That was when you just had the little booth with samples. Now I work right across the street in Duncan and live right down the street from the Lawton location. Yep definately better than Starbucks. I believe that with your determination and God, it’s just gonna keep getting better. Congratulations

  • Emma on

    So much better then Starbucks!!! Prices much cheaper…. If you want GREAT coffee at an amazingly reasonable price this is the place for you! Don’t worry if you lactose intolerant they have substitutes for that (almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk)! The staff is so nice. It is a good place to go hangout with friends or work. They have charging outlets at almost every table! All in all this is just a really cute, nice, pleasant, well managed , and clean place. I definitely recommend you coming here!

  • Dianne Gant on

    Yesterday I was visiting in Duncan, OK and searched the internet for coffee houses… Immediately this little place called Veridian Coffee popped up. I put the address in the GPS and it took me to some of the ABSOLUTE BEST coffee I have ever had… (AND I LOVE COFFEE!!) I even got a lesson on how to roast raw coffee beans and watched them roast and package the coffee! I was super impressed… I walked out with a cup of the best Caramel Latte, sugar free, I might add!! I also walked away with a pound of what I believe to be, the freshest roasted coffee beans that I could possibly buy within at least 100- 200 miles! The staff there is just as friendly as the products are great!!! THANK YOU, Veridian Coffee!! I’ll be back!
    P.S. Try the gluten free, sugar free Breakfast Cookies! You won’t be sorry… :-)

  • Linda Brinegar on

    Shay…we have been so excited for you while watching your dream become a reality. We love the coffee and look forward to lots of date nights ending at the shop! God bless you and Lindsay on your new journey! Rusty & Linda Brinegar

  • Rajoo Chatlani on

    I just have to say this. The Iced Latte I bought from you at the Lawton Farmers Market yesterday (Saturday) is the best Latte I have ever had. Truly the King of Lattes. Thank you.
    (I am the guy who asked for little or no ice).

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